Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Philips iPill

Quoting Charles Osgood "when you take a pill how does the medicine know where to go?" Philips has developed the "smart pill" - iPill. Read here- I will be checking in with the company for more info.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Apprentice- See me On TV

Thanks to Marty Jablow for this nomination

Saturday, April 11, 2009

New product summary from IDS- part 1

Finally getting time this weekend to put up the new info from Cologne and Atlanta. I will put it up in pieces as I review my notes. Many of the products that were shown are not yet available in the US- they need either FDA or 510K approval. I have been told not to publish precise info on some of these until the actual launch but I will leave hints around here. This is just from memory:
A new ultrasonic scaler with a calculus detector built in- does a "seek and destroy" as it comes across calculus on the root.
An endo apex locator with "GPS" - you can see the position of the file in the canal on the computer screen, as it transmits with a bluetooth system.
How about a new caries detection system using blue-ray laser technology.
A perio pocket/root canal "sterilization" system using a "special " liquid and red light- clinical studies are showing things like resolved peri-implantitis. Not a laser.
Also in the same vein, Ozone generators that are smaller and apparently safer ( not according to the US I guess).
A mini diode laser under $10K that goes up to 8 watts.
A new method ( actually been around for a year) of testing implant integration using sound waves.
New implants from Spain ( Klockner) with a unique dual morse taper/screw retained design ( just now hitting the US).
Loads of conebeam CT units
Over 80 CAD/CAM systems
One new intraoral scanner- Hint-Els- same unit they showed 2 years aog- still not ready!!
New intraoral digital radiograph sensors- One with only 2 wires and Kevlar coated wire- can be twisted like a pretzel and has a magnetic quick disconnect that works like a tearaway football jersey if inadvertently pulled.
New intraoral sensor with no box- just a wire direct from the sensor to the USB connector ( electronics somehow jammed into the actual sensor.

Details forthcoming here and of course in my column and courses- I am all set with new material for a year!!!