Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Physics Forceps?

One reason I proabably migrated to the tech side of dentistry, is the fact that I hate surgery and refer out 99% of extractions. I was "coerced" into looking at these novel "forceps". After seeing them and getting DVD, online and telephone training I realized that these are not really forceps. They are simple elevators using class 1 or class 2 lever LIGHT forces. If you look at them you will think they are tools of destruction. Far from it. Without posting the gory photos, today I was able to prep an anterior bridge and remove two failed post/core crowns that had little or no tooth structure above the ridge. This patient had been told that we were going to prep and temp and then send her to the surgeon. She saved the trip, I had complete control of the case and all are happy ( and I got paid for the extractions.....). Email me directly for details and more info. I may have embarked on a new career ( or just got lucky). (Golden Misch)