Sunday, December 16, 2012

New Economic Total Implant Solution?

I just came across a company that includes everything you need to place and restore the implant for $99-$119. . This includes the implant, healing abutment, analog, straight abutment and impression coping as well as the screwdriver  They also have parts to match up with other systems. I am asking for studies on the fixtures and hope to have more info later on.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Greater NY Meeting video update

Kevin Henry interviews me at the Greater NY Dental Meeting for Dental Economics/ Dentistry IQ
Discussing dental technology trends for 2013 with Dr. Paul Feuerstein 

Inside Dental Technology -Latest Trends in Dentistry

Comprehensive look at technology by a number of excellent authors. One is yours truly, but I am in esteemed company. 

New STATIM - internet enabled for easy service ( From ADA Meeting)

STATIM G4. Self monitoring internet enabled for service. Records cycles.  

Wireless "FOOT Mouse" from Dental RAT ( form ADA Meeting)

Boomer the foot mouse. From our friends at the Dental Rat. 

New Fiberoptic HP Uses Standard hose (From ADA Meeting)

Self contained fiberoptic HP. Power in the black connector. 

New LED Chair light ( from ADA meting)

New led light with adjustable intensity, curing mode and bleach. 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

CEREC 27.5 Introduces the Revolutionary OMNICAM

Sirona introduces the new amazing CEREC OmniCam

Here I interview Michael Augins, Roddy McLeod and Armen Mizayan at the CEREC 27.5 event with moderator Mike McCarthy

More info and other links on my Facebook page, Paul Feuerstein, DMD Dental Technology

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kodak Files for Bankruptcy but not in Dental

All is well in the dental industry from the Kodak perspective ( except I cant get my old Kodak digital camera repaired). Onex (Carestream Dental) is actually Kodak Dental. Here is the official word that was sent to me:

As you likely have already read, Kodak announced this morning that they are filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. We will no doubt receive many questions about the potential effects Kodak’s recent financial challenges might have on our business. For the record, all of the assets of Kodak’s Health Imaging business were purchased in 2007 by Onex, the parent company of Carestream Dental, including more than 1,000 patents and the manufacturing facilities. Carestream Dental simply licenses the right to use the KODAK name on some of the products that we manufacture.

Carestream Dental is solely responsible for the design, manufacture and service of all Carestream branded and KODAK branded products that we sell. Please be assured that Kodak’s financial challenges do not affect Carestream in any way, and that we are as committed as ever to our customers’ success and advancing the state of dental care around the world. More information can be found at the link below. Many thanks for your continued help and support!