Friday, April 16, 2010

What Implant Is That?

Lorne Lavine just found this very useful site. . If you have a radiograph of an implant and are not sure what it is, here is a great library. The site also asks its viewers and manufacturers to add to the library and fill in some of the blanks. This will be very useful when new patient shows up in your office. There is a "filter" that allows you to put in certain characteristics so that you don't have to scroll through almost 200 images.

The site is put together by Nate Farley, DDS and Kent Howell, DMD from Columbus OH. Thanks guys.


  1. Nate had me speak at the Ohio State Dental Student meeting a few years ago when he was still in school. Nice to see what he's doing to contribute to dentistry.


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  3. If you cannot find out an answer to what implant or abutment this is you can also email me at

    I have several lab resources that can help identify parts and pieces specifically for implants