Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ADA Annual Session quick update

I am off to the airport and will be busy catching up at home. Here is a very brief summary of a few new things I saw at the ADA meeting in Orlando that is ending today 10/12. As I go through my notes there may be additions and of course more information.

Cariescan- a new caries detector that uses electrical impedance similar to apex locators. It shows porosity and ccan give an acccurate rendering of the location and size of the carious lesion but usingthe probe from occusal, buccal and lingual. www.cariescan.com

Orascoptic Freedom- new loupes with battery pack in the headset www.orascoptic.com

CAO group- new home bleaching product with wax forms that stay on securely ( you have to leave them on for an hour) www.caogroup.ccom

Philips Acquires Discus - This was the big news. It will be interesting to see if Discus stays as a whole or if parts are spun off.


Eco Dentistry Association www.ecodentistry.org go green in your dental practice. It goes beyond fewer disposables- dental manufacturers are looking at ways to redesign products to reduce energy consumption and waste.

Oragenics- www.oragenics.com probiotics to reduce periodontal and caries producing oral organisms with simple daily mints.

Dental Sharing www.dentalsharing.com HIPAA compliant simple system to allow exchange of dental images and information among offices over the internet instead of email.

Eaglesoft releases version 16 patterson.eaglesoft.net . Users have many off their suggestions included in this update

Vidar xray scanner www.vidar.com unit digitizes xrays -fmx in (clear) mount, pan or other sizes. Not only scans but digitally enhances.

DentalEz (Star) www.dentalez.com change over to LEDs in the swivel connector for brighter and longer lasting fiberoptics.

Myray www.myrayamerica.com introduces X-Pod- a digital sensor attached to an iPod type device that displays and stores the images. Interesting entry for non networked offices.


  1. Has anyone used the cariescan yet? We're thinking about getting something similar at www.dentistry4children.net. Thank you.

  2. I have been using it for about a month now. It seems to be accurate and compares well with other caries detection systems. It is fairly easy to use and interpret as it gives information both with colored lights and numeric results and it is fast. For pedo there might be an issue with the grounding clip- unless they have a pedo size it will fall right out of the child's mouth (it is similar to the clips on apex detectors).