Sunday, December 16, 2012

New Economic Total Implant Solution?

I just came across a company that includes everything you need to place and restore the implant for $99-$119. . This includes the implant, healing abutment, analog, straight abutment and impression coping as well as the screwdriver  They also have parts to match up with other systems. I am asking for studies on the fixtures and hope to have more info later on.

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  1. Dental implants may be split into two separate categories based on the diameter of the device. Small diameter dental implants, most often referred to as ‘Mini Implants’, are those with a diameter less than three millimeters (3mm.) Likewise, standard or conventional implants are those implants larger than 3mm in diameter, but most commonly 4- 5mm. As a rule of thumb, Mini Dental Implants are at least half the price of conventional implants and sometimes a quarter of the price of conventional implants.

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